Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charles Mintz Stop The Killing

One of the sounds I picked up in New Jersey which impressed me the most is this CD single from Charles Mintz. "Stop The Killing" has a throwback 70's sound which reminds me of all those classic social commentary records from Gamble & Huff, Willie Hutch etc. The sound may hark back to the 70's but the message is right up to date.

The publicity information tells why Charles has released the track:-

"The killings of so many young black men have taken away someone in your family or mine, someone on your street, in your church or even in your own home. Mr. Charles Mintz decided he wanted to write and sing a song with the help of Mr. Johnny D. Thomas and Akom Publishing. They went to a recording studio and recorded a song called "Stop The Killing" to serve as a theme song for "Stop The Violence." "

I had a brief conversation with Charles after he performed his classic Northern Soul track "Running Back" on the 2nd night of the 2nd US Soul Trip and we agreed to speak again when I returned to the UK.

"I enjoyed the show. It was exciting and it was good for me to see the old artists from back in the day bringing back a lot of memories". Charles still sings on a regular basis with his band in the Philly and New Jersey area mainly doing covers of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross etc. On the night he sang his classic Northern side "Running Back" but was prevented from singing "Stop The Violence"because of the lack of time which was a shame because Charles is still creating good music which deserves an airing!

Charles was encouraged to record "Stop The Killing" because of the loss of young members of his family, neighbours and church friends from gun violence. "I was trying to say something in the song to all young people that the violence has to stop." He had the words for sometime but it wasn't until January of this year that he entered the studio with some musician friends from a company called Akom and put the whole thing together. "Stop The Killing" is only one track of a CD which he has been recording at Joseph Morino's Ultimate Studio in Philly with the same musicians. He told me that has recorded several tracks including one called "Gone With The Wind" dedicated to all the artists such as Luther who have recently passed.

Charles now wants to get as much exposure for "Stop The Killing" by getting airplay around Philly and New Jeresy but hopes the universal meassage can be heard around the world. "I have to feel my music and what I am doing and I hope that this is injected into the song so that people will get into what I feel"

If anyone or any organization out there wants to help him to get the message heard then contact him by email.

Stop The Violence; Stop The Killing, Right Now!!!

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