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Charles Mintz Give A Man A Break

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Charles kindly sent me his official bio which I have posted below."

The youngest of three brothers hailing from Orangeburg, SC. Charles would sing together with his siblings for friends and family until a cousin hooked him up with a band called The Majestics, Charles began to sing covers at record-hops, high schools, and college shows. His English teacher got on his case about his developing talent, she said, if you use all that energy to sing someone else's songs. Why don't you write and sing something of your own, and that's how it all started, Charles, wrote a song in school called "There's No Need Crying" the young ladies would go crazy when he would perform. Charles, move to Philly in the late 60's and early 70's he met up with manager, and producer, Gene Lawson.

Mr. Lawson is best known as Otis Redding's Publicist, and also for recording Teddy Pendergrass, before joining Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, in fact Teddy, sang back ground vocals on Charles, first recording session. Though these sessions remained unreleased until now.Gene Lawson, introduced, Charles, to Otis Redding who took an interest in Charles's voice, and his writing ability. Otis Redding recorded one of Charles, song call "Free Me" and wanted to bring him into the Stax record family, but faith would not let it happen Otis Redding, was kill in a plane crash Dec. 10, 1967. Then Gene Lawson decided he wanted to start his own record label call "UpLook Records" he recorded Charles Mintz, his first artist on the "UpLook Label" a song call "Since I Found You" written by Charles Mintz, "Give A Man A Break" written by Eugene Jones of the Volcanoes singing group. His 3rd single for "UpLook" call "Running Back," which has become a cult favorite in England, where it is being played in soul night clubs all over Europe today.

Charles Mintz, has performed with many recording groups Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes, The Dells, The Spinners, Sam and Dave, The Delfonics, The Intruders featuring Little Sonny, Frankie Beverly and Maze known back in the day as Raw Soul, The O'Jays and many other recording groups. Charles Mintz renewed interest has led to his early 70' s recording release of a CD called "The Best of Charles Mintz" and also a gospel CD written and produce by Mr. Mintz title "A Message of Songs." He has a new single call "Stop The Killing" soon to be released taken from his upcoming CD, "Listen Up For A Moment". Be on the look out for this talented artist and song writer."

If you wish to hear Charles' music then the best bet is to pick up the "Give A Man A Break" CD which was issued a few years back on Up Look records. The CD contains "Running Back" and several unissued sides and is available directly from Philly Music Archives.I hope at some later date to talk at some later date to Charles in more depth about his career and the stories behind the songs on the "Give A Man A Break" CD.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I was looking for info on the two different issues of 'Give A Man A Break' (it has been on my wants list for many years)
    It was also issued on the Abbot label and I wasn't sure which came first. Thanks to your post I will hold out until I find the 1st original issue on UpLook!