Sunday, June 25, 2006

Eddie Foster Progress 45

Anyone reads this blog on a regular basis will know that I have a special interest in Bay Area Soul. I had never heard of this label before though I was familar with Eddie from his In 45 and his session work on Bay Area productions. It just shows you what you can still find on Ebay from a German DJ.

Both sides are very bluesy and difficult to date - I'd say probably 63/64 and sound influenced by Little Johnny Taylor. "What You Putting Down" is a slow side with some fine gritty vocals from Eddie where the other side "I'm Grown" is a faster more R&B type groove. The interesting thing is that another Bay Area cult figure, Eugene Blacknell arrnged both sides and I can only presume it his band which plays on both tracks because there is a horn section in there as well. Both tracks besides having good singing also feature good guitar which I presume is by Eddie himself.

I still hope to find out more about Eddie so let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!

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