Monday, March 17, 2008

Brenda Delasanta Songs From The Soul

Brenda Delasante is a new name to me. Check out her album on CD Baby:

Brenda Delasanta may be new to the recording scene, but she's not new to singing. Starting as a youth in her native Alabama, she developed a soulful style that enabled her to win talent shows as well as a solid local fan base. In her early teens her family moved to Detroit. She sang with various local bands there at every opportunity.

By the time Brenda reached the age of 21 she found herself living and working in Dallas, Texas as a secretary for the police department. It was in Dallas that she met Roger Boykin, who was an established jazz musician and composer. Roger's trio needed a female vocalist in order to reach a wider audience, so he auditioned numerous prospects. He decided to hire Brenda, who impressed him with her soulful style and versatility--singing both jazz and the popular soul hits of the day. While working together Brenda and Roger made some demo recordings. Two of the songs recorded at the time have been re-recorded and appear on "Songs from the Soul." Those two songs are: "Wings," and "Easy-Going Love."

After a couple of years in Dallas, Brenda moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and continued her singing career with a popular big band led by Clay Buckley. No recordings resulted from her experience in that band. However, while living in Northern California she met and married her husband David. They eventually moved to Massachusetts, near Boston and started their beautiful family. They have two children, a boy and a girl. Brenda also has a son by her previous marriage. His name is Sean Ewing. He is a singer and song writer just like his mother and makes his debut doing both on "Songs from the Soul."

In 2006, Brenda and old friend Roger decided to re-launch her singing career with a CD of original songs, all written by themselves and Sean. The result of that decision is "Songs from the Soul," recorded in Dallas in August, 2007. It is issued on Boykin's 40 year-old Soultex label. There is something on the CD for almost every musical taste, from blues to soul to jazz. Brenda's voice has only gotten better over the years, and she now seems ready to challenge even the best-known stars for her place in your CD collection. Lend her your ears and be richly rewarded.

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