Monday, March 24, 2008

Soul Discovery 23/3/08

Mick O'Donnell (MO'D) presented another wonderful Soul Discovery on Sunday featuring "The Soul Round Table" consisting of soul collectors Brian Goucher (BG), Mark Merry (MM), Kevin Oxberry KO and Paul Thrower (PT).
You can listen again here:
Cambridge 105FM
Sunday 12.00-15.00
Archived show is currently available 23.3.08
Here is the guy's playlist with who chose the track indicated by their initials:
Jerry Butler “Stop Steppin’ On My Dream” (Mercury) MO’D
Bernard “Never Turnin’ Back” (B.S) MO’D
Denise Lasalle “Lady In The Street” (Malaco) B.G.
Chosen Gospel Recovery Singers “I Just Want To Say” (Parliament) M.M.
Mary Gresham “You’ve Been Doing” (Soulscape) K.O.
Dramatics “Got My Pride” (NCI) P.T.
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride“What You Wont Do For Love” (Jomar Promo) MO’D
Johnny Gill “My My My (Live)” (Motown) B.G.
Samuel Ham & MOG (S.H.) M.M.
Chuck Strong “Are You Having Affair” (S.M.) K.O.
Bill Brantley “Love Sweet Vibration” (SS7) P.T.
Fathers Children “Key To My Heart” (FC) MO’D
Joe Coleman “So Much In Love) (Infinity) B.G.
Singing Sam Moore “I Want You Back” (Dare To Dream) M.M.
Endurance “A Few More Miles” (SCCME) K.O.
Hurricane “Been Such A Long time” (RBEG) P.T.
Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride “I’ll Work For You” (Jomar Promo) MO’
DAdeva “You’re No1 In My Book” (Virgin) B.G.
JJ. Johnson “Slow Jam” (R&S) B.G.
Natalie Cole “Say You Love Me” (Elektra) K.O.
Terry Garmon “Anyway” (Expansion) P.T.
Spirit “My Dreams” (Night Mood Promo) MO’D
Ray Charles “Fresh Out Of Tears” (WB) B.G.
The Chestnut Bros “Come To Me” (CB) M.M.
Stanley Baird “So In Love (With You)” (Saxony) K.O.
Split 2nd “There’s Where I Want You” (A-Flat) P.T.
Duane Williams “Yes My Love Is Real” (Soul Junction Promo) M.M.
Luther Barnes “Till He Comes” (Air) B.G.
Pieces Of Peace “I Still Care” (Pop) M.M.
Yvonne Hodges “Heavy Thing To Do” (Guinness) K.O
Old School “Just A Man In Love” (Clef) P.T.
Roy C “Still In Love” (Three Gems) MO’D
Wilson Pickett “It Ain’t Game” (Blues) B.G.
The Impressions “Eternally Blue” M.M
Friends “I’ve Got Jesus” (Toc) K.O.
David Peoples “To Get My Broom Out” (Saru) P.T.
Maurice & The ET Group “It’s Been Revealed” (Glomar) B.G.
George Kerr “Takin’ It” (G.K.) M.M.
Sheba Potts Wright “I Can Give It Like Woman” (Ecko) K.O.
Positive Sounds “I Almost Blew My Mind” (Shiptown) P.T.

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