Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eddie Bo In The Pocket

Eddie Bo is one of the most important and least known of the great funksters of the 60's and 70's. What we proudly present here is a complete vision this New Orleans genious as perfomer, composer, and producer. The only compilation or anthology with the complete picture!! From his early and formative years to the present days, and including both his own recordings and his productions for other artists. And of course the music comes together with a MASSIVE essay, biography, and liner notes penned by journalist/specialist Bryce White, to ensure you learn everything from the right source! (Vampi Soul)

One of the most comprehensive collections of work we've ever seen on Eddie Bo -- a really well-done set that finally gets at the full range of his massive funky talents -- including a host of rare singles done for a variety of other artists as well! Despite the dates in the title, most of the music here is from the 60s and 70s -- music from those glorious years of New Orleans soul and funk -- when it seemed like the Crescent City groove could never stop, thanks to the efforts of Eddie and some of his contemporaries! There's a massively heavy groove to most of the numbers here -- an emphasis on the funkiest side of Eddie Bo's sound, especially when he's working in the studio with other singers in the lead -- and even if you've got some other Eddie Bo reissues in your collection, there's plenty fresh stuff here that makes this one well worth owning. LP notes are great too -- a full history of Eddie's long career and all its different chapters. 30 tracks in all -- including "Funky Yeah" and "Shelly's Rubber Band" by Curley Moore & The Cool Ones, "What's Good To You (part 1)" and "The La La Man (part 1)" by Oliver Morgan, "Horse With A Freeze (part 1)" by Roy Ward, "Timber (parts 1 & 2)" by Candy Phillips, "Can I Be Your Main Squeeze" by Chuck Carbo, "I'm A Carpenter (part 1)" by David Robinson, "Garden Of Our Trees" by The Explosions, "Reborn" by Marilyn Barbarin, "Live It Up" by James K-Nine, "Mama Here Comes The Preacher" by Doug Anderson, ""Something You Got" by Barbara George" -- and the tracks "Chained", "When The Fingers On The Funk", "Rubber Band", "Getting To The Middle", "Check Your Bucket", "Lover & Friend", "Can You Handle It", "Fallin In Love Again", "Gotta Have More", and "We Like Mambo" all by Eddie Bo. (Dusty Groove)

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  1. I'm wondering: does the LP have the liner notes in a booklet or just on the record sleeves? I wanted to buy this in a shop but it didn't have a book so I was suspicious...Still, I want it soo bad.