Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ramel Closure

Yet another Soul Discovery turn on! Check out Ramel's Closure album on CD Baby.
Here is this talented artists blurb:
Ramel Werner routinely does something he'd say most recording artists don't even have the luxury of dreaming about: He creates music entirely on his own terms. When he goes to the studio, he's not thinking of writing a radio smash, because few radio stations play "real" music anymore. He's not thinking of a chart record, because most music charts are driven by something strange and sinister beyond mere listener appeal. No, when Ramel finishes a song, the only voice he feels obligated to listen to, is his heart. This is how he makes music.So who is this man behind the shadows, the man, with penning lyrics of love lost and found? The man whom that's not such an easy question to answer and he likes it that way.A member of Trinity United Church of Christ, Ramel is the first of two children born in the city of Chicago, IL. His parents, being of a very diverse musical background, Ramel grew up in a house filled with all kinds of music. He cites Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, and Eric Benet as his musical inspirations."What I love about Luther & Eric's music, is that they could sing soft and get you to understand the same level of intensity as Teddy Pendergrass," says Ramel. He loathes talking about his personal life, so here's the skinny. He works with children with special needs, and decided to take the plunge and live the life of an artist, after completing his Master's degree in Behavioral/Learning Disabilities.
Throughout the album, Ramel centers on matters of the heart, usually not talked about openly and honestly. Closure presents more than pure romance; these songs have bite and spice. The opener, "Show Me" is an intimate confession to open ones heart, and allow love back in, while the smooth and soulful "U Put It On Me" is an unabashed declaration of eternal devotion to his future unknown mate.The debut single "Back In The Day" is a mid-tempo, ultra-funky reflection of his childhood years, while "Stay With Me", is an equally clever story of wishful thinking, second chances. "For awhile I was afraid to trust my heart with what I wanted to say, adds Ramel. The song "Baby Without U" helped me through those times, and could be all the closure you'll need ever need".With these tracks serving as his vibrant, moody canvas, Ramel would then lyrically paint some of the most revealing and sensitive portraits of love, relationships, and testimonials you would ever expect to hear from a quiet, introspective man like himself.

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