Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clutchy Hopkins

One of my favourite sounds at present is a track off the above album featuring the vocals of Darondo. Here's the blurb Ubiquity sent me on the album:

"If I were an emcee, I would want Clutchy on my squad. Much like MF Doom he has the unique ability to make the inanimate articulate, as if his instruments could speak. Not only is Clutchy 'next up', but he's also on some next shit."- Thick Magazine


Don’t ask us who Clutchy Hopkins is; we don’t know. There’s a line of people waiting to learn his whereabouts. If you find out, perhaps you will be kind enough to hand over the contact info for the mysterious trickster, folklore guru, and marvelous musician.

We don’t have any of the usual stuff: no insight into his background, no list of influences or interesting anecdotes about his musical upbringing.We can tell you that this album might as well be the crackly soundtrack to a vintage spaghetti western crossed with a 70s porno. Rickety breaks n’beats and busted keyboard sounds pop out against lush strings, while a collection of guitars and mandolins strum alongside old-school synthesizers. Some tunes are hypnotic and build around a droning rumble or relentless chords while others are driving or change up to reveal new intentions. It’s an eerie blend of dusty-bar blues, mariachi soul and hard times funk that sounds like it was recorded in a backyard shack somewhere remote, in a small town where kids throw stones at each other for fun.
Prior to our release, an album called ‘Who is Clutchy Hopkins’ was made available in short supply. A further CD surfaced, featuring an apparent collaboration between Hopkins and MF Doom. On closer inspection, this was a collection of rare Doom joints backed with new Hopkins’ music.Since we made our intentions known to distribute more Hopkins material, we’ve been contacted by people who claim to have known, spotted, slept with, smoked, or gone through life-changing events with him. To these people, we apologize. We can’t help put you in touch. We’re just as in the dark as you. We hope you like the album.
Keep an eye on Ubiquity's YouTube Channel for Clutchy sightings, movies and interviews.The second disc of this 2 CD set will include taped confessionals, interviews and archived footage of Mr Hopkins, collected from various sources and anonymously mailed packages.

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