Monday, March 17, 2008

Prince Kenyatta The Quality Of Love

Embracing a stylish and charismatic persona, the music of Prince Kenyatta redeems the true essence of the R&B/Soul artist. Like his spiritual American soul godfathers, this Northwest Florida native has a silky smooth voice and vibrant eloquence that captures the heart of "vintage soul" without being old fashion.
This blend can be clearly heard, on his debut album, "The Quality of Love.""I have attempted to express the multiplicity of life's conditions through meaningful, heartfelt sentiments accompanied by the rhythmic pulse of R&B," says Kenyatta. "I can vividly remember growing up with the spiritual messages and soulful textures that encompassed the sound of old school. My goal is to preserve the values of life through love taught by my classic R&B/Soul forefathers ."With the release of "The Quality of Love," Kenyatta's first solo album for his label A-Flat Records, the accredited writer/producer and singer could not be more pleased with the outcome. "I was excited, yet patient, about putting together a collection of pieces that adequately represented my southern roots," confesses Kenyatta.
Having penned and composed 90% and produced 100% of the songs on this album, Kenyatta promises to be more than just a passing voice in today's music mix. Without a doubt, the landscape of R&B/Soul music has become younger and although Prince Kenyatta is no 'teeny bopper,' his classic poetic and rhythmic writing style is sure to appeal to the young and old alike. "The Quality of Love" marries old school messages with new school flava featuring fellow "up & comers" Anthony 'Putt' Brown, Bishop Nazir, Gulleywood & Marlay Lavece and "seasoned veterans" Mr. Harold 'Bunny' Jones and Glenn 'Magic' Parker.
Kenyatta lists as some of his key music influences: Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Barry Gordy, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, James Cleveland, Al Bell, Commissioned, James Brown and Tony Terry. He is often compared to Larry Graham and Will Downing.
Kenyatta is currently working on a variety of projects including the solo debut of the Mr. 'Bunny' Jones Project, the Oliver's Twist Band, the Bishop Nazir cd and an iTunes radio and television entertainment talk show for BlackGround Entertainment Group. This premier soul singer/writer and producer's wealth of talent and versatility affords him the opportunity to spread his wings in many directions more than preparing him for a long, exciting and formidable stay on the music scene. (CD Baby)
You can listen to his music at this MySpace or on his CD Baby page

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