Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fingerpoppin' Soul Radio Show

Patti & The Emblems
I recently exchanged e-mails with my old friend Harry Van Vliet, who hosts Fingerpoppin' Soul with Hans Diepstraten, and he reminded me that him and Hans have been running the show for 15 years. I thought I should give them another shout to celebrate their excellent show! The show goes out every week Thursdays 22 - 24 h on Groove FM, 103.3 Cable & 106.8 Air.

You can find information on the show by visiting their website where you can find a link to listen to the archived shows.

Here is a recent playlist to give you a taste of the show:

1 Satisfy my woman - Calvin Arnold.
2 What do you see in her? - Inell Young.
3 It hurts - Richard Williams.
4 Two can be as lonely as one - Danny Woods.
5 Tomorrow is another day - Billy Butler.
6 Give me time - Patty and the Emblems.
7 He's the kind of guy - Judy Clay.
8 Sweetback - Viola Wills.
9 Don't ask me to forget - Jay and the Techniques.
10 One way to love - The Lovers.
11 I'm gonna miss you - Volume.
12 The changes we go thruogh for love - Hartfield Brothers.
13 How sweet it is - Chuck Armstrong.
14 Don't make hurting me a habit - The Marvelettes.
15 Chained - Marvin Gaye. 16 Echoes from the past - Hot Sauce.
17 See see rider - Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers.
18 Hell up in Harlem - Edwin Starr.
19 Theme of Foxy Brown- Willie Hutch.
20 Did you mean it - Arlene Bell.
21 How long shall I wait - James Lewis Fields.
22 In her own way - Prince Phillip Mitchell.
23 Is that any way to treat a lady - Jimmy Lewis.
24 Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers.
25 Who is she and what is she to you - Della Reese.
26 What have I done - Billy Stewart.
27 Look what you've done to our love - Carolyn Champion.
28 It makes me wanna cry - Mavis Staples.
29 You'll never change - Betty Lavette.
30 She's a super lady - Luther Vandross.
31 Ball and chain - Anthony Hamilton.
32 If you think you're lonely now - Bobby Womack.

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