Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sierra Hurtt

I was tipped to Sierra by a new friend Rob Bainbridge over on Soul Commune. Sierra's MySpace says:

A true daughter of the music industry, sierra began recording at the tender age of four when her songwriter/producer father took her into the studio. her voice, described by various critics as "sultry," "alluring" and "ballsy," calls to mind the dulcet tones of liz fraser as well as the throaty modern, jazz-tinged pop-rock of fiona apple, with inevitable comparisons to indi arie and tracy chapman. she is flattered. sierra has a style all her own, however. most are hard-pressed to categorize her vocalizations which go from zero: a soft, choirboy perfect soprano; to sixty: an all out soulful decree, in a single breath.

Sierra's father is legendary Philadelphia writer/producer and sometime artist Phil Hurtt and he is the executive producer on the Sierra's debut single, 'Letting Go'.
The song's a wistful ballad with an almost dream like feel to it. It will appeal to those who like their soul with an acoustic, even folksy feel. The B–side, 'My Friend' is edgier while retaining the organic sound. Both songs are taken from a 6 track EP which will be available later in the year.
Sierra is supported by musicians David Bath, Jeremy Dyen, Paul Edwards, Devin Greenwood, Kevin Hufnagel, Gabrielle Hurtt, Mika Jackson, Bill Koutsorous, Ross Landy, Paul Lewis, Monica McIntyre, Dave Palan, Theo Primas, Michael Richelle, Aino Soderheilm and Chuck Treece.
Please drop over to Sierra's MySpace because she is a very talented lady!

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  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    thanks for posting this - she is an amazing singing talent and is always happy to share her singing skills with outher talented musicians!