Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Charles

Baby Charles
I picked up on this band from their MySpace and thought they laid down a tasty groove.
This how the band describe themselves:-
Fronted by soul sensation Dionne Charles; the guitar, bass, keys, drums, congas, flute, and saxes lay down the chicken-fried grooves. Inspired by the late-sixties original sounds from the likes of The J.B.s and The Meters; Baby Charles play by feel, and cannot contain their drummer Alex Kirkwood from unleashing thunderous drum breaks for the dancers to do their thang. This band know how to play a fine repertoire of songs; ranging from covers of old soul-funk classics to other more obscure grooves. Not to mention their own material which never fails to impress. In esscence; the band lay the musical foundation for Dionne to deliver her soulful melody, and everyone gets down to that good old sweaty funk. So, after playing together and writing excellent music for the last three years, the band have recently put two of their own compositions onto vinyl. The result is the double A-side featuring 'No Controlling Me' and 'Invisible'
For more details and where you can catch them - go here

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