Thursday, April 26, 2007

Infinity That Ain't Water That's Pollution Mercury

Infinity - Billy Butler, Larry Wade and Phyllis Knott
Infinity That Ain't Water That's Pollution Mercury

Back to the A to Z of my collection with Infinity.

Infinity was formed in the late 60's by Billy Butler and consisted of Larry Wade, Phyllis Knotts and Errol Bank (previously a member of the Enchanters who were Billy's backing group in the 60's when he was with Okeh.

Infinity recorded their first record for Jerry Butler and Cal Carter's Fountain label and production company. The record was distributed by Stax but got lost when Stax got embroiled in buying their company back from Gulf Western. Fountain then went to Mercury for a deal.

Infinity recorded 2 45s for Mercury but unfortunately neither release got much promotion. Te above song has a strong political message which seems even more relevant in the 21st century. Billy said back in 1973; "They were written during an era when people were becoming passionately aware of the situations of our world, the ecology etc - that was our phase anyway and no one ever heard!"

Infinity went on to record a 45 for the Memphis label in 1971 and 2 45s and an album for Pride records the next year before disbanding. The album was a collaboration between Billy's group and his brother's musical workshop whose members included Billy, Larry Wade and Terry Callier amongst others. One day I hope to write up a full story of the workshop's productions - in the meantime let's taken on board the message of the above song before its too late!

By the way this is the 702nd post on IDR - only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the 500th!



Fountain 0212/0213 Get On The Case/Keep It To Yourself
Mercury 73057 That Ain't Water That's Pollution/
Mercury Winter Of the Lovin' Heart/Sho Is Groovy
Memphis 103 I Don't Want To Lose You/Free Yourself
Pride 1009 Now You Know/When Your Baby's Gone
Pride 1026 When Your Baby's Gone/Hung Up On You


Pride 0018 Hung Up On You


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