Saturday, April 21, 2007

Chunky Butt Funky

Cleve "Rev Chunky" Freckleton
Chunky Butt Funky

I have been going backwards and forwards to West Yorkshire in recent weeks with work. On one trip someone asked me whether I knew of Chunky Butt Funky? My answer was no - but a quick Google and I discovered their MySpace and website and was able to hear the above track which hopefully is a prelude to a release in the near future.

Their MySpace describes them as follows:

Founded and fronted by Leeds based former preacher turned frontman Cleve "Rev Chunky" Freckleton. CBF have been spreading the "love vibe" home and abroad for the past 6 years. Having served an apprentiship in gospel music which still influences the bands sound to this day, "The Rev" has gone on to front several outfits but none so spritually vibrant as Chunky Butt Funky. The bands name emerged from its first gig at the Lendle Cellars in York where a prize was offered because the band did not have a name at that time. Suggestions were placed in a hat and a draw made. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the winner which was drawn by my stepdaughter Chelsea but the name of the band is now etched in musical history. In 2002 CBF were approached by Leeds City Council to perform in Durban,South Africa with whom the city has a civil twinning agreement. The experience left an indelible mark on the band who have since returned twice by special request and popular demand. This is one band you really have to see to understand the impact that they have on the crowd. People testify to be moved to tears or spiritually uplifted by the "Chunky" experience. The prospects for the future are rosy as plans are afoot for an album but in the meantime why dont you check out Rev Chunky and Chunky Butt Funky at a venue near you. Peace

If you visit their site you can find out how to catch them if you in Yorkshire. One place you may find them is Soul Circle at the Wardrobe in Leeds.

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