Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rev Cleatus & The Fantastics

Greg Boraman from Rev Cleatus drooped me a line recently after a post on IDR about the band.

He told me that the album should be out soon - can't wait to hear it!! In the meantime, Greg knowing my appreciation of Brian Auger's music dropped me part of the sleevenotes from the album written by Brian:

"Dear Rev. Cleatus, I have been so busy boogying my backside off to yourraging tracks, that I have missed Communion, Confession and almost blewthe deadline for these sleevenotes. What can I say -- Smokin', Steaming, Dirty, Lowdown, Funky, Dance your Ass off Tracks, with allthe right R & B, Jazz & Gospel Organ roots; to whit, shades of Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGiff & Booker T,all melded into Rev. Cleatus's inimitable style. Loved the rhythm section, loved the Stanley Turrentine type Sax solos - who was thatmasked man!? Must close now, as I really have to take a shower before Iput this CD on again. It has got me so hot, that I am beginning togenerate my own weather.

Rev. Cleatus and disciples, you have made anold man very happy, and at the same time, what with all this dancing,you have also made a happy man very old. Great job everybody ---Hallelujah over and out ."


Venice California March 2007

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