Saturday, April 21, 2007

Barbara St Clair on Crossed Eyed Bear

Barbara St Clair Teacherman

Barbara St Clair Jeykll & Hyde

Soul Source continues to be an inspiration for this blog. Mike from Soul Source was recently in touch with Ron Davies who produced the above 2 sides.

This is what Ron had to say about working with Barbara:

"I recall that I played keyboards and clavinet on both Teacherman and the flip, Jeckyl and Hyde. The other producer, Rich Calandra, also played drums on the record. He passed away several years ago. I listened to it again, and it does sound good ... quite a production considering we recorded it in a studio/barn. We tried to promote the record on the fledgling disco DJ network at the time ('76) in the US, but they thought it was too R&B and "weak disco" - not commercial enough for their taste. Our production company that put the record together also produced a band called Spyro Gyra that went on to have top 40 pop jazz hits in the US. I know they were also popular in the UK.I am a soul jazz organist and still perform with Barbara - and I host a Soul Saturday Matinee where Barb is a regualr guest. She still sounds great. We are based in the Buffalo area of New York State (in the western part of the state) That's where the record was recorded. The Buffalo, NY area here is a hotbed of soul, funk and blues and it's nice to see that it strikes a chord with you guys."

Please join Soul Source because you won't be disappointed!

"Teacherman" has got a lot of exposure recently but I always used to play "Jeykll & Hyde" - see what you think??

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