Thursday, March 13, 2008

Club Function Malmoe

Here's a shout for the peeps in Malmoe:

Hello all, here's the latest info about our upcoming club nights in Malmoe, Sweden

Saturdays, two dance floors

March 15th with Arthur Fenn (UK) and modern soul collector & dj Fredrik Andersson (S)

April 19th with Butch (UK) and modern soul collector & dj Micke Balkefors (S)There will also be a warm up on the Friday 18th with Butch + more guests TBA

May 17th with Bjorn-Espen (Oslo Soul Experience) + more TBA

We will organise something on the Friday as well as many seem to be travelling for this event too

Friday, one room
June 13th guests TBA
Residents Jonte, Sebastian, Helena & Joppe Northern, crossover & modern soul, shameless disco, funk and some soulful house (from Joppe...)

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