Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kylie Auldist

I thought I'd post some more on the Kylie Auldist who I mentioned in the last post ton the Bamboos. According to the Tru Thoughts site:

Kylie Auldist has been singing from the moment she could speak and after her soulful vocals on The Bamboos album ‘Rawville’ and spectacular performances while touring with them we instantly signed her up! Get ready for the beautifully soulful music of Kylie Auldist alongside the production skills of Lance from the Bamboos!

In the summer of 2007, The Bamboos returned to the UK for their second European Tour and brought with them Kylie on vocals. Having heard her work on The Bamboos Rawville we were extremely excited about seeing her perform and also secretly interested in seeing if she fancied doing some more tunes.On hearing her perform Robert Luis got out the magical pen and she signed for a whole bunch of albums, alongside Lance (The Bamboos/Lanu) on production.
Singing since the first day she could talk, with her father on guitar, Kylie is a natural vocal talent. She is half-Samoan but born and bred in the outback of Australia. From the age of fifteen she could be found singing country and western songs in pubs (which for the only non-white in town must have taken some guts! As she said “a bit like the reverse of Steve Martin in The Jerk!”).

On moving to Melbourne she joined and performed with a variety of funk bands. She did her apprenticeship in Fitzroy, did loads of gigs, festivals and also TV appearances on Good Morning Australia for seven years. She then joined up with The Bamboos and toured Australia and reached the fair shores of Brighton in the UK where we heard her perform andsigned her up!!

Her track I Don’t Wanna Stop with The Bamboos shows her soulful, funk delivery and is a good sign of things to come.


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