Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lene Reibau

Lene Reibau is a singer from Denmark. who is also a composer, author and performer. Lene is another singer who I discovered through Soul Commune.

Here is her MySpace blurb:
In 2004, Lene collaborated with Mysterell on his hardrock project "SENSATIONAL". Lene wrote "Help me Find A Way" and Co-wrote "Bring The House Down". She also sang the backing vocals on most of the tracks. SENSATIONAL was released by the Italian rock label Frontiers.
Other than that, Lene collaborates with producers on projects in other genres, like Soulful House. In 2005 she co-wrote the song "Put Out The Fire" with Morten Hampenberg/Rask and Thomas Salling and the song was released by Swing City records and remixed by Grant Nelson and Dj Rupert Rude.You will also find "Put Out The Fire" in a new latino version on the JAZZ HANDLE album.Lene Riebau sang the vocals on “The Fat Cat And The Fiddle” for the Italian Jazz composer and bass wizard Maurizio Bozzi. The album “Bozorius” were given a great deal of attention as WINNER OF THE L.A. MUSIC AWARDS 2006 for BEST NEW JAZZ ALBUM.
Her latest project was with the upcoming producerteam from Copenhagen COOL MILLION. Lene sang the vocals for "Naughty Girl". The track can be found on the compilation CD SOUL TOGETHERNESS 2007 released by UK label Expansion Records October 2007.

If you are interested in reading more about Lene Riebau and her debut album JAZZ HANDLE, please visit the brand new homepage:

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