Thursday, March 13, 2008

Madelaine Bell Doin' Things

Regular readers of IDR will know that I have soft spot for this lady. If you want a starting point for her music then I highly recommend the above CD:

Socking soul from the 60s -- a record with American roots and a very groovy British sound! The set was the second full length album from Madeline Bell -- an American singer transplanted to the mod UK scene of the 60s, where she really flourished in a rich career of hit singles, endless session work, and later fame with the group Blue Mink. The tunes on this set are a wonderful bridge between Madeline's two worlds -- and have a sound that's a lot like the uptown soul coming out of the US at the time -- sweet and smooth arrangements, topped by deeper soul vocals that make for a wonderful juxtaposition. Arrangements are by British talents Arthur Greenslade, Ian Green, and Keith Mansfield -- and titles include "Step Inside Love", "Hold It", "Help Yourself", "After All Is Said & Done", "For Your Pleasure", and "It's Up To You". CD features bonus singles too -- 6 more tracks that include "Thinkin", "Go Ahead On", "How Much I Do Love You", "What'm I Supposed To Do", and "We're So Much In Love". Dusty Groove

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