Friday, March 14, 2008


I picked up on Modus from listening to Craig Charles's Funk & Soul Show.

Check out their MySpace:

The story goes something like this:

In the summer of 2002, fate had messrs Spark, Wagener and Kennedy meet through mutual acquaintances. Within days a rehearsal room was booked and grooves were being methodically laid down. It was during this period that the Modus groove ethic was totally enshrined. They luckily had that connection that only happens once or twice in a musicians career, and were quick to nurture it. Their vision: to write and perform music of such quality that the entire world would take notice.

Our trio however also understood the need for more personnel. After many auditions and wasted explanations of The Dream, the erstwhile trio finally separated the Cats from the dogs and acquired the services of Miss Modus and Mel Johnson Esq. Miss Modus brought with her a perfect track record from years of singing blue eyed soul classics, Mr Johnson was approached after his gutsy RnB hooks were heard by the fledgling band. After a long embryonic period the final pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place.


For the last two years Modus have been perfecting their song writing and live act, performing regularly in the capital and building up a small but highly informed following. Recently the band have expanded their horizons with gigs all over Scotland, festivals in Spain, Italy, Glasgow, and Scarborough. Currently work is gathering pace on the creation and capture of material which will form the basis of the hotly awaited second album. Some of this new material was recently premiered to mesmerising effect at the Tryptich festival in Glasgow.
Amen? With a headspinning rush of melody, a tidal wave surge of organ, irresistible guitar hooks and the hippest rhythm section this side of the motor city 66, Modus are likely to burst from hip obscurity to worldly success any day now.

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