Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ritmo Caliente

Continuing my Latin tips:

Latin from the Peruvian scene -- one of the best-remembered groovers from the nation at the time, and a set that almost rivals the best hard Latin albums New York had to offer in the 60s! The cover lists all tunes as being descargas, but there's also a distinct Latin Soul/boogaloo influence here too -- not so much on the vocals, but on the instrumentation -- which is filled with loads of blue notes, dark-turning corners, and the same sinister sort of sound that we love in late 60s classics on the Fania and Tico labels. Lyrics are mostly in Spanish, and instrumentation features some great vibes, ringing out strongly amidst the heavy percussion. Titles include "A La Capital", "Descarga Jala Jala", "Ahi Viene Coco", "Coco's Descarga", "Guajira Boogaloo", and "Gozando Descargas". Dusty Grooves

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