Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ROCwilder feat. Ma'jiiC

One of my favourite tracks a the moment is ROCwilder feat. Ma'jiiC's "Anyway" which is available from CD Baby. The track came out last year on CD-R only. I don't know anything about the artist - does anybody else?

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  1. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Funny you should mention that . . . This guy "Rocwilder" is really Jerry Wilder. He is the bassist & co-writer on the hit LP "Bustin' Loose" recorded by Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers. What's really cool is I found out the he wrote all the music and played all the instruments on the cd "ANYWAY" , He just released his new CD entitled "THIS TIME IT'S LOVE". You will not believe that he played all the tracks himself [except the horns] and sings and recorded and produced and manufactured the CD's at home! Pretty cool huh? I think you'll be able to get one from CD Baby by june, This guy is obviously worth checkin' out. You'll get the feeling he's got something happening in store for us! Watch Out. . . .