Sunday, March 16, 2008

Soul Discovery 9/3/08

Marcell & The Truth
Apologies to Mick in the late posting of last week's Soul Discovery playlist!
Play-List 9.3.08
Shantel “Arise” (Mo-Philly Promo)
Lori Jenaire “Danger Zone” (NBE)
Omar Cunningham “Right Woman” (Soul1st)
Mose Stovall “Dance” (Soul 1st)
Ray Clay “So Amazing” (RC)
Bobby James “If I Can’t Stop You” (BJ)
Leonard Julien III “The Love I Let Slip Away” (Modeste)
Ramel “Put It On Me” (Ramel)
Roc Wilder “Anyway” (Jay Dub)
Maurice & The ET Group “It’s Been Revealed” (Verl)
Anita Marie Hill “Our Flames” (Town)
Marzette Griffith “Promise Your Love” (AJReal)
James Whitney “Goodness Know”
Lawrence Beamen “Alright with me” (GBP)
Vince Chapman “Key Conversations”
Done Deal “Nice & Slow” (World City)
Jon Turk “My Special One” (J.T.)
The Rhythm All Stars “I’ll Work For You” (Jomar Promo)
Maurice “How Can You Say You Love Me” (GloMar)
Pookie Lane “Work It Out” (Allison)
Shelundia “What Do You Do” (Crystal Clear)
Patrick Green “One Last kiss” (Ultimate)
Shantel “Love(I don’t need it)” (Mo-Philly Promo)
Superior Band “I’ve Never Been Touched” (Studio Howtime)
Arthur “Where Do You Run” (ACD)
Shade “A Change Gonna Come (DL)
The Newborn Harmonizers “Streighten It Out For You” (TNH)
Brenda Delasanta “Wings” (Soultex)
The Embers “This Heart” (Bluewater)
Johnnie Tucker “I Need Your Love” (Anada)
Duane Williams “Yes My Love Is Real” (Soul Junction Promo)
Little Buck “I’mma Stir It Up” (Showtime)
The Rhythm All Stars “Stuck” (Jomar Promo)
Sam Dees "Fool of the year" (Shotgun Promo)
Doris Allen “Let's Walk Down The Street Together” (Soulscape Promo)
Veda Love “One Sided Affair” (Sono)
Stan Mosley “Thank You” (Butler’s)
Vince Ebo “Just 2 B With U” (FER)
Michael Dixon “I Got Something 4 U” (S.C.A.)
Pookie Lane “You Are Appreciated” (Allison)
Prince Kenyatta “I Just Wanna Love You” (A-Flat)
Marcell & The Truth “Breathe Love”(Basement)
James Whitney “Lets Fall In Love” (VC)
Please drop by Soul Discovery where you can still listen to the show for another week.

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