Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beat Train & Galactic Fractures

Message from Galactic Fractures:

BeatTrain stops by again to play a quick set for us.

For local Boston people, don't miss his party this friday at the MILKY WAY. Cheap Thrills A Go Go is always a fun time, with djs, gogo dancers and film projections!

I close out this set with a nice set of some slow ballads & b-sides. Download from the website:

Playlist: PJ Starts...
Eli Paperboy Reed - The Satisfier
Dyke and The Blazers - Let a Woman be a woman (Beat Goes Public)
Gaylen Adams - Love Meets No Stranger (Bullet)
Melissa Manchester - A Song For You (MB Records)

Beattrain takes over... Lalo Schifrin - Enter The Dragon (WB)
Jack McDuff - The Carpetbaggers (Prestige)
Georgie Fame - Beware of the Dog (Epic)
Quincy Jones - Killer Joe (A&M)
Cha Cha Hogan - Grit Gitter (Soulville)
The Packers - Hole In The Wall (Pure Soul Music)
Spittin Image - JBs Latin (comp)
James Clarke - Blow up a go go (comp)
Eddie Mitchell - Spinning Wheel (comp)
Jacqueline Taieb - 7 Heures Du Matin (Fontana (repress))
Wendy & Bonnie - Whats Really Happening (Skye)
Sohall Rana - Soul Sitar (comp)
Walker Bros - Doin The Jerk (smash)
Contours - Can You Do The Jerk (Motown)
Chairman of The Board - Since the Days (Inviticus)
Shorty Long - Here Comes The Judge” LP SINGLE (Soul)
The Landslides - We Don't Need No Music (Huff Puff)
The Precisions - You'll Soon Be Gone (Drew)
Dramatics - Get Up And Get Down (Volt)
Erma Franklin - Hold On I'm Comin (Brunswick)
Alvin Cash - Boston Monkey (Marvelus)
Elephants Memory - Jungle Gym at the Zoo (buddah)
Steve Ellis - Loot (comp)
Brian Auger - Tiger (Earmark)
? and The Mysterians - Do You Feel It (Move)
Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba (comp)
Manny Corchado - Pow Wow (jazzman repress)
Johnny Zamot - Boogaloo Baby (Decca)
Pete Boney - Puerto Rican Soul (comp)
Ricardo Ray - Nitty Gritty (tico)
Johnny Colon - You Gotta Love Me (comp)
Ikettes - Lonely For You (Modern)
PJ closes it out... The Dynamites - Dig Deeper (Outta Sight)
Eli Paperboy Reed - Its Easier
Majestics - Key To Love (New World)
Forest Terry - Satellite Love (Lost In The Forest)
Marilyn Barbarin - Believe Me (Bo Sound)
The Sequins - The Third Degree (Crajon)
Quickest Way out - Hello Stranger (Karen)

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