Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Memphis Soul Blog

Preston dropped by to tell me about his new blog dedicated to Memphis soul music called The Memphis Sound:Lost and Found.

I have a soft spot for Memphis and I have many friends in the city so I was pleased to see Preston's new blog and I wish him well. What I particular respected on his blog was his approach. I will quote from his blog to show what he is trying to do:-

We find the forgotten people and places that made the Memphis sound. The mission is two-fold. We hope to bring respect to the many overlooked musicians who made the Memphis sound, but haven't received recognition from the city's music tourist attractions. Second, we want to help preserve the landmarks of the Memphis music scene that still stand, while preserving the memory of those places that are gone. The city has more musicians living in it today that played on top-10 records than any place outside of New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville. You'd never know it visiting the music history museums here, though. For a city that's built its identity on music, and still capitalizes on it today, it does a questionable job taking care of its musical resources. Similarly, Memphis has paved over more music landmarks than most cities have ever had. We hope to get a few pictures and tell a few stories before they're all gone.

Those are sentiments that I strongly applaud and I look forward to his posts.

Please go over and support him.

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