Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rose Stone & Larry Graham Interview On NPR

NPR have informed me of the above interview:

Today on News & Notes, we aired an interview between Farai and Rose Stone and Larry Graham, original members of Sly and The Family Stone. Stone and Graham had come into the studio to discuss the release of a new box-set featuring the group's first seven albums, this timed to celebrate the band's fortieth anniversary.

The pair spent over half-an-hour talking to Farai, leaving us with way too much material for a 12-minute, edited segment crammed with audience comments from our blog and music clips. So many people wrote in to the blog
to share their favorite Sly and The Family Stone song that we figured you'd also want to hear the entire discussion, which we've uploaded here.
(One note: Larry's driver got lost on the way to the studio... Rose kicks off the interview solo and he joins in later. So if you don't hear Larry at first, DON'T PANIC!)
Just click on the link and enjoy!

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