Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New David Sea 45 on Shotgun

David Sea Believe In Me Shotgun Clip

David Sea Let's Just Get Together Clip
SELECTA RECORDS LTD have established a new label called Shotgun to focus on ‘classic soul’ product

The initial release “Believe In Me” / “Let’s Just Get Together” by soul star David Sea (SHOT 101) was released on 7” single from May 14th.

Both tracks were written and produced by the late Jerry Weaver and were recorded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1971.
David Sea is best known as a member of The Temptations but he also has a strong international following as a solo artist.It is often noted that David sounds similar to Teddy Pendergrass but on these early tracks he comes across more like Bobby Womack.
Much of the product on Shotgun will be previously unissued tracks from the golden era of soul music. Also scheduled for UK release are vintage recordings by Sam Dees and Rozetta Johnson.
Shotgun is distributed by Selecta Records which was formed to provide an outlet for contemporary soul music. The Selecta label was launched in January 2007 with singles by Sheba Potts-Wright and Bobby Hutton and is currently successful with its new single by Simone De.

P&R and business affairs for Selecta and Shotgun are handled by music publisher Paul Mooney who is managing director of Millbrand Music. For seven years he acted as production manager and A&R consultant to Grapevine Music Group. Prior to that he ran the Ardent, Zing and Forever labels and negotiated major recording and publishing deals with Polydor records and PolyGram Music for the double-platinum selling pop group Lighthouse Family.
You can pick up the 45 from Crazy Beat, Soul Brother, Beatin' Rhythm, John Manship, Record Corner, Funky Feet etc etc
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