Thursday, May 24, 2007

King DavisHouse Rockers We All Make Mistakes Sometimes Verve

King Davis House Rockers We All Make Mistakes Sometimes Verve
Back on the A to Z of my collection and we have a sure fire killer for the letter K. This is the B-side of the uptempo Baby You Satisfy Me. This is a fine song from the pen of Billy Frazier who was also a great vocalist and it would be interesting to hear his vocal of this song though Richard Thomas does a fine cover.
Billy Frazier recorded the folloing 45s that I know about:-
Liberty 5547 Let Me walk You Home/Give Us back The Twist
Music World Oh Baby(Look At Me)/Is That Right
Verve 10501 Temptation/Try Me
Capitol 2717 Let's Face Reality/Stay Right Here This Morning
Capitol 2497 Baby You Satisfy Me/Take The Chain Off Your Brain
Needlepoint 901 Could This Be Love/Let One Hurt Do
A Billy Frazier & Friends had a 12" called "Billy Who?" released on Champagne and UK DJM and French Vogue in 1980 but I don't know whether it is the same guy? The track is a cult disco classic and was written by Jimmy Smith with Billy so I think this must be the jazz Billy Frazier?
The King Davis House Rockers and Billy's some of his solo 45s were recorded for his production company Frabob and I would be interested to know whether he had any other productions released?

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