Saturday, May 26, 2007

Brand New Rhythm Spring Tour

Bit late on this one!

Springtour 2007:

Thursday, May 24th, Kulturkantine - Bellach/Solothurn

Friday, May 25th, Ziegelei - Einsiedeln Saturday,

May 26th, Kraftwerk - Krummenau Wednesday,

May 30th, Moonwalker - Aarburg Thursday,

May 31st, Break - Affoltern a.A. Friday,

June 1st, Surprise Saturday,

June 2nd, Uni Fäscht - Bern Tuesday,

June 5th, Das Schiff - Basel Thursday,

June 7th, Firehouse - Weinfelden Friday,

June 8th, Glashaus - Reinach Saturday,

June 9th, Krempel - Buchs/SG

More Infos: powered by:

THE BRAND NEW RHYTHM, fourth deepfunk track on 45s. (Ltd. 500 copies - BNR Records) Long-awaited hard played doublesider from the BNR Band. "Mamacita" and "Chew The Fat" are great underground clubtracks from the BNR-Tour in Mexico City 2003. Four years later released BNR Records these great funk tracks on 45's. Full of funky jams, breaks and soul based beats with lots of uptempo party cuts. Heavy drums, crazy funky organ, sharp cuts and raw funk vocals. Listen:

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