Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I had a message through from the guys asking for help:

We are interested in coming back to UK for a two or more month tour. We were in London in 2004 and performed at Cleethorphes at the 100 Club for the CD release and 6ts Weekender. We didn't realize that we had so many fans until we signed autographs for two hours after our performance and there was still a room full of fans we couldn't get too and they still had original albums and 45's. What we are looking for is an agency or promoter who can handle the arrangements, bookings, performances, travel and lodging while we are touring there. We have CDs currently in UK, US, Japan and Canada.

We have "The Diplomats Greatest Hits" available in England labeled under Kent Records.We have a Skull Snaps' CD available in Australia under Aztec Music and also in Japan.The song Trespassing on the Skullsnaps CD it's in the new movie SMOKIN' ACES starring BEN AFFLECK, ALICIA KEYS, and ANDY GARCIA. We also are on the movie soundtrack releasedby Lakeshore records out of California.

The Skull Snaps have new music releases under Ten Twelve records out of Brooklyn, NY available. We can perform as The Diplomats, a singing group; The Skull Snaps or The Waters BROS., an R&B Band which can play soul tunes from the 60's,70's 80's, 90's and current.

I hope somebody can help - please get in touch with the guys directly:

Email or

Please click below for demo.

Ten12 Record's Official Website

Skullsnaps Music Preview

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