Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bronx River Parkway New 45

Truth & Soul have let me know about new 45


Bronx River Parkway gives us two more cuts from their trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico where they collaborated with local latin musicians who've shared the stage with such legends as Roberta Roena, The Fania All-stars, and Ismael Riviera to name a few. Pablo Rodriguez from Candela records acted as the executive producer and brought the two forces together with the vision of melding the soulful latin stylings of Bronx River Parkway with the more traditional aspects Puerto Rican music. AGUA CON SAL is a mix of sixties soul and the traditional mambo that Perez Prado and Beny More made world famous in the late fifties. It features a burning Timbale and Conga solo while Bronx River Parkway lays down an infectious and constant rythmn.

The Flip side, ME TOCA, features Zoe Velez singing (in Spanish) about the ever-so familiar life experience of a long lost love. The dark overtones of this side has the track somewhere between Fela's 69 sessions and the nu-yorican soul of the early seventies. It is only appropriate that Bronx River Parkway's fourth single to date rounds out Truth & Soul's summer series of singles.

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