Thursday, October 11, 2007

D.C.'s Tavern Record Swap 13/10/07

Got a message about a record swap:

Hello Y'all, Looks like we'll be Bar-B-Queing fresh meats, drinking beer and spinning some fresh hot wax. Maybe there will be a cookie or two as well. So far each swap has been better than the last so if you haven't been by yet make this your first.

That's right, you ALWAYS remember your first. Come for the music, come for the beer but come often.

We'll have guest DJ's all day (and night) including Todd-O-Phonic Todd, Joe Belock, Greg Tormo, Justin (The Black Hollies), Inbetween, Hank Fischer, Peter Gunn, Therin, Primitive Sound System, and if things work out the fabulous Mr. Fine Wine will bring a few rare slabs to the party.

Remember if you're driving don't drink, if you're drinking don't drive and always be kind to your barkeep.

See the Poster!

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"I Got It At The Swap!"

D.C.'s Tavern Record Swap Saturday October 13th - 2PM - Closing DC's - "Back In Back" 505 8th Street (Between Jefferson and Madison) Hoboken NJ

For More Info: phone: 201-792-5550



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