Friday, October 05, 2007

Greg Belson's The Soul Box and Beer Tour 2007

Picked up a bulletin from Greg Belson about his latest set og gigs:

Saturday 6th October – The Soul Shack @ The Queens Bar, St. Petersburg, Gorohovaya st. 13, (Russia.) – 11pm til 6am
Sunday 7th October – Radio show, St. Petersburg (Russia)
Monday 8th October – Brillo @ Filthy MacNasty’s, 68 Amwell Street, EC1R 1UU (London) – 8pm til 11pm
Friday 12th October – Bacchus, Union Street, Kingston Upon Thames w/wrongtom, (Surrey) – 10pm til 3am
Saturday 13th October – Jazz Rooms @ The Jazz Place, 10 Ship Street w/ Russ Dewbury (Brighton) – 10pm til 3am
Monday 15th October – The Cocoanut Bar, 16 Mill St, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2RF (Surrey) – 8pm til 11pm
Wednesday 17th October – MOS Radio Farside Show w/Bill Brewster (London) – 8pm til 10pm
Friday 19th October – Three Blind Mice (ex-Smersh), 5 Ravey Street, EC2A 4QW w/Mark Webster (London) – 10pm til 3am
Here's his playlist from the first gig on the tour at the Society in Sheffield:

Barbara Mason - 'Half a love' (Arctic)
Visioneers - 'Runnin' (Omniverse)
Tenison Stephens - 'Don't rip me off' (Aries)
Sandy Gaye - 'He's good for me' (Moonshot)
Ray Weatherspoon - 'Stop stuffin and start sho nuffin' (Satan)
Sheryl Swope - 'Can't get him off my mind' (Duo)
Edd Henry - 'I got you' (Heavy Hank)
Jimmy Dews - 'Meet me' (Dews)
Ruth Davis - 'I need money' (Kent)
Willie Chilsom - 'Running out of time' (Trella)
Robert Moore - 'Everything's gonna be alright' (Saadia)
Symon Grace & the Tuesday Blues - 'Out of sight' (Mainline)
Billy Guy & the Odds n' Ends - 'Here t'is' (Sew City)
Camille 'Lil' Bob - 'Stop' (La Louisiana)
Reggie La Mont - 'How lonely' (Blue Rock)
The Noteables - 'Funky frog' (Sound City)
Sheila Wilkerson - 'Baby your a jive cat' (RFT)
Willie Spencer - 'Ridin' shotgun' (Garnet)
Wendel Western & the Shades of Soul - 'Nag on me' (Soul Sauce)
Joe Haywood - 'Talk to me baby' (Enjoy)
Josephine Taylor - 'Is it worth a chance' (Twinight)
Turf Tydell - 'Poor me' (Lebby)
Jon Thomas - 'Tizzy' (Junior)
Joe Jeffrey - 'The train' (Wand)
Albert Washington - 'Bring it on up' (Fraternity)
Sir Guy & the Cavaliers - 'Funky virginia' (D.P.G.)
Bennie Cole & His Soul Bros. - 'I gotta go back home' (Century)
Sinner Strong - 'Don't knock it' (Serock)
Carlton Basco - 'Don't chain my soul' (Freedom)
Chuck Carbo & the Soul Finders - 'Can I be your squeeze' (Fireball)
Lorenzo Manley - 'I want to bang your box' (Headliner)
The Metros - 'Since I found my baby' (RCA Victor)
Second the bar, in the warm....different can of red stripe;
Preacher & the Saints - 'Jesus rhapsody part 1' (King James)
Dennis Robinson - 'Hard to handle' (Red Lite)
Leonard King & the Soul Messengers - 'The barracuda' (Inferno)
Lil Willie & the Rockin' Imperials - 'Crazy stomp' (Golden)
Little Johnny Hamilton & the Soul Pack - 'The git down' (Watts Way)
The Rhythm Machine - 'Freakish love' (Rodan)
Act III - 'To-day I want to stay inside' (Harley)
The Volumes - 'My road is the right road' (Inferno)
Althea Spencer ' Take me baby' (AV International)
Little Rena Scott - 'I just can't forget that boy' (Black Rock)
Jerry White & the Under Funk 4 - 'Hot foot' (W. & D.)
Priscilla Price - 'Rockefeller Jones' (GMC)
Lucky Laws - 'I'm not teasing' (Lu-Cee)
Dinah Washington - 'Soulville' (Roulette)
Jimmy Washington - 'You oughta see my baby' (Back Beat)
The Soul Twisters - 'Swinging' (Romat)
Charlie Brown - 'The whole world is watchin' (Checker)
Big Maybelle - 'How it lies' (Rojac)
Nina Simone - 'Come on back, Jack' (Colpix)
Robert Jay - 'Alcohol' (Jo Ann)
Sonny Harris & the Soul Reflections - 'The vibration' (San-El)
Tony Northern - 'Hand down the law' (Ariel)
The Bamboos - 'Tighten up' (Kay-Dee)
Beverly Wheeler with the Cameros - 'Don't shake my tree' (BSC)

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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    sinner strong "dont knock it"is joyce harris "no way out" and on e-boes label fun "baby baby baby" her label was domino.