Thursday, October 11, 2007

Soul Survivor Magazine

Received this today:

We are The Soul Survivors and the aim of our small magazine is to help you find your way out to all the really exciting events that are being organised regularly for you. Most of us 40+ and still into our soul, funk, jazz and real music. Some of us did the Soul Weekenders back in the 80’s, got married, had kids and disappeared; some of us stayed on the scene and never gave up. But whichever group you were in, we are now all back together again and what fun it is still! The Magazine Includes Interviews, What's Going On? John Dean's Soul from the Floor, Record & Club Reviews, A Topical Debate with Darrell Hey DJ - What do you play? Competitions and of course advertisers! – Record shops, clubs, and businesses. THE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER ISSUE IS NOW OUT AND INCLUDES AN INTERVIEW WITH OMAR AND MUCH MORE... GO TO OUR WEBSITE WWW.THESOULSURVIVORS.CO.UK TO FIND OUT MORE. KEEP IT FUNKY!!

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