Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playground Lost Soul Preview on MFVR 29/10/07

An E-friend Jim Lancaster, one of the guys behind the Soul Resurrection series, has mailed me to let me know abou the following preview of the next Cd from the old Playground Studio tapes:

Howdy Folks,

We'd like to invite you to pull up a seat at out digital campfire on Monday night Oct. 29th at (click on the appropriate radio player for your computer) for the Playground Thursday Night Radio Show featuring the Waco Ramblers. Rambler showtime is at 9:00 pm..

To catch some previews of Playground's "Lost Soul" collection check in around 8:00pm Unreleased Soul Trks from the Vault.. Following the Rambler show we'll be playing some 70's rock by Beaverteeth, Wilbur Walton Jr. and Many others..Hope to see you there...Tell your friends and neighbors...

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