Saturday, October 06, 2007

Larry Banks's Soul Family Album

News today of a very fine release from Ace/Kent:

In 1964 Dave Godin was captivated by Bessie Banks´original recording of 'Go Now' and was incensed by the Moody Blues´usurping of the song and what he considered an unduly hasty campaign by the British record company to pass their version off as the original and best. To make amends on behalf of the small but eager coterie of UK soul fans, he took a special interest in Bessie and her husband Larry, the composer of the song.

Further delvings into the pair's releases lead to more revelatory record finds and soon Dave was to champion Larry´s releases on Select, Kapp and Spring and his composing and production work with artists such as the Exciters, Kenny Carter and the Geminis. Dave built up a strong friendship with the family and a bank of information on their work. His discovery of Jaibi´s (Larry´s second wife) 'Ýou Got Me' on Kapp Records was a personal Deep Soul revelation and he awarded the recording the prestigious last track placing on his first Deep Soul Treasures CD.

The family were well represented throughout all the volumes of Dave Godin's Deep Soul
Treasures but their work wasn't restricted to deep soul and he planned a CD project to showcase their other talents. Sadly he became terminally ill but before he died he asked Ace/Kent consultant Ady Croasdell to complete the project. Fortunately Ace has bought many Banks family recordings from GWP Productions (for whom Larry worked in the late 60s). Some prime previously unheard soul songs have emerged from this source and feature here. Other vital and important tracks have been licensed-in from RCA and other smaller labels and Ady has built on Dave's research with extensive interviews.

Apart from deep soul classics there are examples of Larry Banks' northern soul genius in tracks such as 'What's One More Lie' by Milton Bennett (co-composer of 'Go Now'), the Geminis' storming 'He Moves Me', the Devonnes' 'Doing The Gittin' Up', and unknown group the Shaladons' classy take on 'We Can Do It'.

Of the deep soul tracks the highlights include two previously unissued Kenny Carter beat ballads and his excellent rendition of 'Lights Out' plus Jaibi's original intense demo of 'You Got Me'.

This CD is part of the occasional Artistry In Soul series

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