Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cellarful Of Motown Volume 3

An essential CD is out this week - volume 3 in the much acclaimed series complied by Paul Nixon A Cellarful Of Motown Vol. 3 (2CD)

Disc 1

You're Walking Out With My Heart - Brenda Holloway
This Love Will Never Die - Miracles
Get Ready - San Remo Golden Strings
Love Is Good - The Marvelettes
Jealousy Is Creeping Up On Me - The Contours
Easier Said Than Done - Dennis Edwards
At The Go-Go - Stevie Wonder
Memories Of Her Love Keep Haunting Me - Spinners
I'm In Love Again - Shorty Long
I Can't Let Him Go - Yvonne Fair
Come On And See Me - Chris Clark
Never Give You Up - Blinky, Edwin Starr
Just Too Much To Hope For - The Monitors
Loving You (Is Hurting Me) - Fantastic Four
SOS Girl In Distress - Marv Johnson
Thief Of Love - Oma Page
Too Young, Too Long - Carolyn Crawford
You Stay On My Mind - Clarence Paul
Come Back My Love - The Temptations
A Chance With You - Marvin Gaye
Watch Your Step - Mike Varo
The Boy From Crosstown - The Marvelettes

Disc 2

We'll Keep On Rolling - Brenda Holloway
I Can't Help Loving You Baby - The Contours
I'm Here Now That You Need Me - J.J. Barnes
Judge's Daughter - The Originals
Something About You - Debbie Dean
Soldier Of Love - Four Tops
I'm Gonna Get You - Gladys Knight & The Pips
Don't Stop Loving Me - Ivy Jo
Sweet Sweet Love - Lollipops
I'm Doing The Best I Can - Jr. Walker & The All Stars
Cindy - Bobby Taylor
Little Girls Grow Up - The Marvelettes
Too Late I Learned - Spinners
Beware Of A Stranger - Rita Wright
You Took Me This Far Take Me All The Way - Edwin Starr
Can I Get A Witness - Blinky
(There's Always Room For) Love In A Movie - Bob Kayli
Farewell Is A Lonely Sound - Paul Peterson
You've Made Me So Very Happy - Little Miss Soul
Honey Hut - Shorty Long
Honey Boy - Little Lisa
This Is Goodbye - The Headliners
Going To A Go Go - Brenda Holloway, The Supremes

You can't beat Motown!!!!

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