Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get Down Heavy Funk Dance Party 13/10/07

The Get Down crew have let me know:

The Get Down heavy funk dance party 4th anniversary.Sat. Oct 13th. 10pm-close
Red Light (above Trocadero) MKE, WI, USA

Djs: andy, brent, and nesh

To thank everyone for all the support and dancing over the years, we bring you a FREE mix CD's to the first 50 people who come up to the booth. These will be professionally done CD's with art by my brother Davey. 100 copies only will be manufactured, and I will hand number them. Many impossible-to-find and amazing funk and soul tracks here, including 3x of the rarest Milwaukee funk/soul records ever made!

Here's a tracklist!

1) Roy Turner - War No More pt. 1 (mke,WI)
2) Dyke and the Blazers - Black Boy (AZ)
3) Tabby Thomas - One Day (LA)
4) Mickey & the Soul Generation - Get Down Brother (TX)
5) The Williams Brothers - Rap On (NJ)
6) Oscar Wright - Fell in Love (VA)
7) L.A. Bare Faxx - The Thing's You Do (CA)
8) Sonny Harris & Soul Reflections - The Vibration (OH)
9) Antonio Castro - WELFARE (NY)
10) Dayton Sidewinders - Funky in Here (OH)
11) Brenda & Afroettes - Color Me Black (mke,WI)
12) Underground Railroad - I Got a Thing (NY)
13) 13th Amendment - The Stretch (LA)
14) The Soul Lovers - Gonna Have Fun Tonight (TX)
15) Upheaval - Paradise Lost (WI)
16) Roy Turner - War No More pt. 2 (mke,WI)

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  1. Just currious about who put this CD together.