Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eric Daniel

Yet another friend from Soul Commune - Eric Daniel with a gorgeous sax sound!

After 30 years of playing sax and flute all over the world with top artists such as Natalie Cole, Paul Young, Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari, Carl Anderson, Randy Crawford and many others, saxman Eric Daniel, together with DJ/producer Luca Cucchetti and an All-Star line-up of "Friends", is droppin some very cool, very sexy nu soul grooves in his first solo album: "Eric Daniel and Friends, Old Sax Nu Soul".

It all started two years ago, at least the first session happened back then.

(It seems like only yesterday...)In truth how can you say exactly when a project starts. All the people involved move through their lives, meeting each other, becomingfriends and evolving individually until something happens that brings them all together, a catalyst, this project. The mixture was right, a spark flashed and BOOM, you tell me. Just Natures way I guess!

Each of the 16 tracks is a journey in itself, yet the best way to listen to it is as a kind of Urban R&B/Nu Soul suite that progressively pulls you deeper than deep, down to the place where the soul folks meet, as Nigerian master story teller, Dr.Feelx so aptly describes the vibe
in his intro to the title track Old Sax, Nu Soul.

Soulful, soulful, soulful is what oh so fine and Divine Jenny B is about on the title tracks lead vocal, not to mention veteran Orlando Johnsons soul and gospel inspired backing vocals. New York bass man Tim Fritz keeps everything in the pocket as always. Of course Eric is there too, in the role of Old Saxman in the story.

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