Thursday, March 13, 2008

James Knight

One CD I have been hammering this year is Numero Uno's The Outskirts Of Deep City which is their second visit to vaults of Miami's rich soul history.

James Knight is one of the artists featured on the Numero Uno CD. James Knight was a guitarist and vocalist who led The Butlers that issued one 45 on Concho before moving to Cat for 3 45's and the an album. You can now pick up the elusive Cat album on reissue:

An excellent bit of southern funk -- very much in the early mode of Little Beaver, but with a sound that's even harder! James Knight is The Black Knight -- leading a tight little combo with a raw funky 45 sound, heavy on the horns for backing, but with James' guitar right up front in the mix, jamming hard in a way that would have made Hendrix proud! The tracks are a mix of heavy funk numbers and more tripped-out jams -- and Knight's vocals remind us a bit of Charles Wright in the old days, blaring out of the speakers with a bit of distortion and lots of soul, really driving home the quality of the songs. Titles include "Fantasy World", "Save Me", "Flyin High", "Funky Cat", "Uncle Joe", "Cotton Candy", and "Just My Love For You". Dusty Groove

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