Saturday, March 15, 2008


Love this band!!!! They are back in US touring with next gig up tonight at The Crash Mansion in LA tonight.

The current line-up is Sibel Thrasher, Sharon Matthews, Landy Shores, Nate White and John Manuel.

RAMP is back! On the heels of a string of successful dates including Central Park in NYC, The Jazz Cafe & Jazz Re:Refreshed in London & our guitarist Landy Shores recent outings with Mark De Clive-Lowe in L.A., RAMP is officially back! Our story begins in Cincinnati way back in 1975, when Sibel Thrasher and Sharon Matthews became our lead vocalists, and Landy Shores joined us on guitar, Nate White played the bass and myself, John Manuel played the drums and was the bandleader. In the winter of 1976, we opened up for the beautiful Roy Ayers and he signed us on the spot! In 1977, our debut album, Come Into Knowledge, quietly hit the shelves. Today, with the help of A Tribe Called Quest, Common, PM Dawn, Mark De Clive-Lowe and countless others, we have reformed RAMP with it's original line-up & instrumentation and hit the road! After packed performances in New York, London & L.A., we've been requested to appear in Japan, Australia, Europe, and are currently booking more U.S. cities & our first official European Tour!

If you are interested in booking, signing, performing with, or interviewing RAMP, please call John Manuel, at 202-262-6274 (between 8AM and 8PM EST) and please e-mail

Here is an interview with the band:

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