Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soul Hustlers

I came across this the Soul Hustlers while searching MySpace.

Hailing from Orange County CA, the Soul Hustlers are a loose conglomerate of musicians born from the remnants of Sounds of Ceviche, the seminal OC-based acid jazz band active in the late 90’s. The core members include renowned OC-LA DJ/promoter Robert “Bobby Soul” McLachlan, Rebirth and Breakestra guitarist Patrick Bailey, Sean Otero, and Mike Green, drummer for Mike Andrews, The Bird and The Bee, and others. Of late they have been augmented by members of Nafro(formerly Natural Afrodisiac) including Anthony “Tony Mash” Gonzalez, Paul Clark, and Jaime Allensworth; Ikey Owens from avant-prog rockers The Mars Volta; and Cale Giachello of Liparis Nervosa. JB-influenced funk and sweet soul is the modus operandi of the Soul Hustlers crew.

Check out their debut 7-inch single out on AllCity Recordings. The Soul Hustlers connected with the Snake from the Los Angeles-based neo soul band The Rebirth to create “Supernatural Thing”, a re-interpretation of the Ben E. King classic with a mix of west coast Cali-funk and Nigerian afrobeat.

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