Sunday, March 16, 2008

Robert Lee Coleman

I recently came across Robert Lee Coleman's MySpace. Please check out his music.

Here's his blurb:

Robert Lee Coleman was born May 15, 1945 in Macon GA and grew up in & around Macon during a time when the Middle GA area was a hotbed of Blues,R&B,and early Rock ’n Roll.His earliest musical influence was his stepfather,whom he remembers as a talented guitarist.

As was often the case during the 1950s, Coleman’s introduction to playing in front of an audience came in the church.But the guitar had a strong hold on Coleman by then. He continued to hone his guitar chops,playing with most of Macon’s prominent musicians of the day:Calvin Arline(Bobby Womack,Cher,Doug Kershaw,Jimmy Nalls Band), Newton Collier(Sam & Dave, others),Eddie Kirkland,Percy Welch, & others.

Then, in 1964 ,Robert was picked by R&B legend Percy Sledge to play guitar in his touring band,a position he held down through 1969.During this time Coleman toured extensively throughout North & South America, the Caribbean, & even Africa.

In April of 1970 James Brown came to Macon looking for players for his backing band, the newly-founded JBs. From then till the end of 1972, Coleman toured & recorded with Brown.His playing from this time is documented on three of Brown’s albums:"Hot Pants", on which Coleman was solely responsible for the guitar groove on the title track; "Revolution of the Mind", recorded live at the Apollo Theater in NYC; & the song ’Make It Funky’ from the "Soul Classics" LP. Upon leaving James Brown, Coleman returned to Macon & resumed playing clubs & other venues with the same musicians he played with in the early days.

Then came the demise of Capricorn Records, & Macon suddenly ceased to be "THE" place where R&B artists came to find their bands;but Coleman persevered, continuing to play with the best the area had to offer.Through most of the 1980s Coleman played with organist Bobby O’Dea as a member of the house band at the Rookery,a downtown Macon institution, & toured with Larry Howard(Grinderswitch, Sanctified Blues).During the 1990s, Coleman frequently toured as a featured member of Big Mike & the Booty Papas.

Most recently, Coleman was a Featured Guest at the 37th anniversary of Grant’s Lounge in Macon. Robert Lee Coleman continues to play with many local & regional artists, & is available for bookings(solo & band), & recording projects.


  1. I was glad to see your article about my good friend and former band mate, Robert Coleman. I played with him in the Impact Band a few years back when I still lived in Macon. Whenever I'm in town, I try to go see him play or maybe sit in on a song or two.
    He's the real deal, and I consider it quite a privilege to have played with him, however briefly.

  2. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Brett Butler, Ron White and I think eddie Murphy all w/ ties to Macon ga. Sounds as though they had more than musicians coming from there.

  3. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Dad you're a real legend and I'm very proud of you and your grand daugther would love to see you and hear you play.

    - love your son, bill and Granddaugther Kareena