Friday, April 18, 2008

Save Me (Billy's Got To Eat)

Various Artists Billy's Got To Eat BBDS CD Snippets

I was tipped to this interesting CD by Soul Treasures. It is a mixture of old and new with one of my favourite West Coast groups The ballads featuring on several tracks alongside young rappers Donald Thompson and Ben Petry as well as blues singers Sammy Mayfield. Please take a listen to the snippets!

You can pick the CD up from CD Baby and here is the blurb:

This BBDs Compilation CD Is made up with a cast of singers that dates back to
”Old School”(as they say) and a new generation.

Life experience; How it started. Before the Oakland Raider, Oakland A’s and the G.S. Warriors was former NBA player , Don Barsdale’s Showcase and Sportsman Night Clubs:

"Appearing Nightly ………Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘The Fabulous BALLADS”":

Nate Romerson the Founder [Back Gr. Vocal]
Leslie La Palmer [Lead Vocal] Deceased 2002
John Foster (John John) [Back Gr. Vocal]
Robert Thompson (Rico) [Lead / Back Gr. Vocal]
Arthur Cregett, join The Ballads (1985) as Lead Vocal.

The BALLADS and ‘The Whispers‘ use to rock the house and I mean “ROCK THE HOUSE”, Oakland High School Talent Shows, Oaktown Auditorium, The Oakland Coliseum, The Black & Tan Club (Seattle), Cotton Club, (Portland Or.), The Hollywood Palladium and The World Famous Apollo Theater (NYC).

“God Bless Our Love 2008” years later is still Riding High. What was Leslie’s song is now Arthur’s lead song but still remains The BALLADS #1 national hit song.
Stan Harris, Pam Harris and Buddy Johnson were always on call whenever needed to replace members if sick or for whatever reason.

The new generation on this CD, Donald Thompson and Ben Petry Vallejo, Ca. has overwhelmed me with their new style of rap lyrics and arrangements,I’m Billy and “Billy’s Got To Eat”, you feel me?. D-Thang (Donald Thompson) is the man. The public wanted a change of language in lyrics you ask for change and style in rap with the change of flavor soft and smart, Lend us your ear and we will put good music their.

The Blues Section in this CD is Sammy Mayfield of Denver, Colorado he play’s blues guitar and chairs as host of “The All Blues Show”- DJ @ 5:pm Saturdays Denver time ”The Birthday Song” and “Big Wolf Knockin” are his contribution and selections on this disk. Sammy holds a record in Oakland, Ca. for the longest playing CD, 12 years on 40 juke boxes,The Birthday Song is still #1. Sammy is a Big Bobby Blue Bland Fan. You are our Fans and we love you.

Hay you,… yes you, come here!...Put your ear to this wall and listen, what do you hear? .. Bill_lly, Billy’s Got To Eat…. It’s Been like that all day. (Smile)
(A Line from Mom’s Mabley Live at the Apollo 1956)

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