Friday, April 18, 2008

James Knox It's My Time

James Knox It's My Time Snippets

Here's a new release I can recommend - love the guy's voice.

You can pick it up from CD Baby - here is a brief bio:

"I am a singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger in the United States.

My expertise in the music industry has benefited countless number of entertainers, musicians, and people seeking stardom.

Listed below are just a few of the productions that I have been involved in:

*Opened for the Drifters in Atlanta, Georgia for six years.
*Opened for the Tams in Atlanta, Georgia
*Inducted in the Atlanta Blues Hall of Fame in 2001
*In 2005 I was on the road With Chuck Strong. The tour lasted for 8 months.
*In 1975 I released a hit song in the local and surrounding cities and states called Making It Good for a bad situation.
*I recently completed a thirteen month R&B performance in Atlanta, Georgia as the headlining act for the Danny Miller Band.
*Reviews of my performances have always exceeded an outstanding rating.
*During 2007, I worked with Baby Boy Records"

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