Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blak Ice Next To You

Blak Ice Next To You Snippets

I was tipped to this album after someone saw them live in Jackson and put me onto them.

Here's Black Cat Record's publicity blurb on the band:

Blak Ice is a group based in Jackson, Tennessee. This group consists of 5 members and is a great and enjoyable show band.

The members of this group includes 2 brothers, Jesse Sanders and Charles Blackmon, Lead and Backing Vocals, Jeremy Sanders, Keyboards, Gary Wolfe, Keyboards, Steve Gunn, Drums and Percussion and Al Wilder, Bass . The new CD by this group is a combination of songs designed with all generations in mind, ranging to nice dancing music, to the slow and sensuous songs with the ladies in mind

Get yours today! Blak Ice "Next To You"

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