Monday, April 21, 2008

Sequins Try My Love Detroit Sound

Sequins Try My Love Detroit Sound

Download Sequins Try My Love Detroit Sound

I had the following message through after posting The Sequins He's Gonna Break Your Heart Detroit Sound:

Hey this is actually my mom's group. She was part of the original group members. They recorded song and was never paid for the song or their singing. My mom was about 17 at the time, Her friend who was another member of the group is having a 60th. Birthday party and I would love it if you were able to give me the mp3 of the song "Try my Love". MY mom's name is Merlene Karriem, and here friends' name is Brenda Roland. They were two of the three original members. I would greatly apppriciate it if you could get me this song as soon as you can. Thank You
William Holsey.

Wiiliam - I hope the party goes well and I've posted Try My Love!

Wigan Casino Interior Circa 1978

I looked back through my diary to see when Try My Love was first played at the Wigan Casino - the spiritual home of Northern Soul. I found an entry with it mentioned on 14th January 1978. I have posted a picture of the interior of the Wigan Casino around that time before anyone entered the place. I recall many a night being one of the first up the stairs to the dancefloor and the sounds booming around the empty space before it filled up with over 1500 soulies!

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