Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jimmy "Preacher" Robins RIP

I received a message this AM asking me to confirm that Jimmy had died late last year. Unfortunately, when I checked I discovered that he had died on Christmas Eve 2007.

I had several conversations with Jimmy about his life and music and I had always hoped to meet up with him. I found him to be a real gentleman who patiently answered all my questions and who I enjoyed talking with.

We have lost another great singer and my thoughts go out to his family.

I will be back with a full retrospective on Jimmy's life as soon as possible. Life is full of coincidences because I just received a comment over on my Keeping Soul Alive blog saying thanks "the great great Jimmy Robins!" That's how I felt about him - a truely wonderful singer. I will certainly include as much of Jimmy's music in the retrospective because it deserves to be heard!

Thanks Preacher!!!!!

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  1. Colin,

    I felt a similar fondness for Preacher. I featured him on my online jazz show, Jazz it Up! last year.

    In the latest episode, we honor his life by reprising a clip from a performance at Showman's in Harlem.

    Check it out here: Once you subscribe, check out episode 2 for the full feature on Preacher.

    Greg Thomas