Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Karime Harris

In the last post, I mentioned that Karime Harris would be appearing a the next Cleethorpes Weekender in June.

Over the past few years she has been performing as the lead singer of the funk group the Killer Meters, but has now come to terms with her parents’ music which she had previously revered so much that she was loath to perform it. However Kent Records’ recent and future reissuing of her mother’s 60s and 70s recordings has put that music back to the forefront and seeing Duffy, Adele and Amy hitting the charts with US soul style songs has made her determined to claim back her birthright and perform a special tribute to her parents’ work.

Here's a bit more information on Karime from her MySpace blurb:

I started my career in singing back in the 90's during the Acid Jazz period in L.A. I did a couple of projects which got me interested in coming to London where the scene was hot. I got lucky after three weeks and met Gilles Peterson who hooked me up a record deal. I went a little out of control and changed my sound not to the likings of the head of Mercury (wanker) so I was on my own with no record deal. But what I had with me were my masters and that meant Gilles could hook me up with Roni Size and DJ Die who I had hung out with on tour anyway.

Dj Die was young and hot with dope ideas so he took my song 'Chemical Imbalance' and remixed it and that is how it all started and my career has lead me via Gilles Peterson again to working on Red Snapper's album entitled 'Our aim is to satisfy Red Snapper'. Those cats were awesome live so i snapped at the chance and learned how to work under extreme pressure. It paid off too. I love live performance and i think thats when I really really shine. I was working with Shawn Lee who has penned some big tunes for Sugar Babes, Girls Aloud and recently Will Young covered his tune 'Happiness' which is a shit hot tune.

Shawn Lee and I came over from L.A. together and he helped me become a better writer and a singer for that matter. I have worked with Matt Cooper on a tune called 'Resist' which is still getting me Royalty checks too. We have talked about putting together a project this year so who knows. I have been in the dance charts with other material which you can google to find out. the list is a good size so check it out.

2005 I hooked up with Carl Ryden and recorded 'Mercy on Me' released on Onephatdiva . I had another single called 'Deliverance' produced by Tyken out of Gothenburg the team is Carl Ryden and Dj Nibc. If you check out Dj Nibc on Myspace you can have a listen or simply google my name. The video was on rotation in Scandinavia and Europe on MTV. But now is where I am. I am part of a fantastic Funk band called The Killer Meters. We revive the funk and are working on a album featuring some classics and original music.

Check us for gigs etc. on:

Things are going great for us and 2007 was fantastic year just making our mark. We have set 2008 up nicely so time to record and continue playing live everywhere. We played at Cargo for new years eve and it set the pace. Watch us bring funk to you like no other especially with me at the front and Sparo on drums.

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